feelswithcaps is a Finnish Electro-Pop group consisting of singer-songwriter Sofi Meronen, keyboardist Mikael Myrskog and drummer-producer Aleksi Kinnunen. feelswithcaps’s songs have a signature sound both melancholic and catchy, with hypnotic electronic beats and dance-y synths, and the band describes their sound as 'dancing through melancholy landscapes'.


It’s been an ever-evolving journey for the band: from their first gig on a terrace in Helsinki and their first EP ‘Butterflies’ in 2016 which created lots of buzz in their home country, to writing their debut album’s songs in moldy rooms in London. 2019 saw them releasing their smash ‘Drains’ which got picked up by Spotify’s Fresh Finds, i-D Magazine, MTV and London’s Soho Radio.


In May 2020, the band released their full debut album, divided into two sides and showcasing their new, bolder sound. Thematically, a lot of the songs are about relationships and romance pain and struggling with the world when you’re growing up through your twenties. Sofi: "They are like all my diaries put into one album". It’s a collection of songs that have been written over a long period of time: some at feelswithcaps’ home in Helsinki, one in New York after spending hours laying in the music video room of a Björk exhibition and others in London where Sofi lived for a year, a bit culture shocked and deep in feelings. The music is a unique mix of pop melodies and space/fusion/house elements.