feelswithcaps is an electro-pop group consisting of singer and songwriter Sofi Meronen, keyboardist Mikael Myrskog and drummer and producer Aleksi Kinnunen. They deliver infectious indie pop with an unmistakable sliver of Nordic melancholy.

feelswithcaps (FKA FEELS) released their debut EP Butterflies in 2016 and played Helsinki’s celebrated Flow Festival the same year. The band’s taken their time working on their first album in a cabin by the sea, in moldy rooms in London and various studios around town. The first single ‘Drains’, released 31st May 2019, has garnered much attention and been featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds and YleX’s and i-D’s best new music playlists, among others.

“”Drains” is quite a melancholic track about loneliness and longing that’s masked by a propulsive dance beat, culminating in brilliant pop to sad-dance to in your bedroom.” -MTV News


9.10.19 The Bedford, London